New Wind Group

The New wind group was formed in response to an instruction that Kudzie G Phiri got from the Lord. For instance, to build teams of dancers, musicians and singers and teach them how to worship. New Wind represents change, therefore, it speaks of an altering force that displaces and realigns. Hence, we are a force of godly change, lifting up and glorifying the name of Jesus in the earth. Jesus is sovereign, the king and giver of life. Moreover, as his vessels in the earth, we believe he is restoring the pure sound of heaven in the earth. This so that the earth can and shall once again resemble heaven.

Our mission:
To be God’s prophetic vessels and utterances in the earth. Bringing forth the change  through the blood of the covenant and that name Jesus!

Our Vision:
Is to usher in godly movements and to transform the earth through sound, motion, dance & expressive art forms.

Our Values:
Christ minded



Tamiswanashe Chipika (Music Director & Main Keyboard player)

Denzil Thandabani (Bassist) aka DF

Ngoni Chikuse (Drummer) aka slick

Nzwisisai Gonese (Auxilliary Keys)


Nobuhle Maseve (soprano)

Faith Nunurai (alto)

Desire Makoni (Tenor)

Reinhard Rwatirera (Tenor)



New Wind CFO: Nobuhle Maseve

New Wind GRP Director: Nzwisisai Gonese

New Wind Music Director: Tamiswanashe Chipika

New Wind CCO: Bijou Kabongo

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